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Cricket time is family time for many as they like to not just watch the game, but also discuss and debate over it while sitting through the 20 overs. For Monday’s match, Venkatesh hit the stadium along with his wife Neeraja and daughter Havya. Now, the star that he is, a VVIP seat was awaiting him. As he went to sit at the enclosure, his wife too followed before being stopped by a guard and asked to sit behind.
Though she is a star biwi, Neeraja did not make a hue and cry over it and quietly went to sit behind. Noticing this, somone from the VVIP enclosure asked her to join them, but Neeraja was comfortable sitting where she was. On the other hand, a starlet was seen throwing her weight around asking to be seated with the VVIPs. Of course, her request fell on deaf ears. All we can say is ‘ take a lesson from Neeraja on humility. It helps.

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