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Jr N.T.R about Anchor Anasuya

A Woman lodged a complaint in the Osmania University Police Station against Anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj for allegedly smashing her phone.

As per the Complaint, Anasuya went to Tarnaka recently for some purpose. A kid who was with her Mother got excited upon seeing the Anchor and rushed to meet her. He attempted to take a selfie.

Quickly, Anasuya snatched the phone from the Boy’s hand and smashed it into pieces. When the Kid’s Mother questioned her why she broke the phone, Anasuya hurled abuses and left the spot in her car.

Cops say, Preliminary investigation revealed Anasuya has refused to take a selfie and the kid’s phone broke while she was in a hurry to leave.

Anasuya alleges the Woman who lodged the complaint has been spreading blatant lies. ‘I had gone to My Mother’s house in Tarnaka. While I was returning, I found the woman and her son taking my video and they even approached Me for selfie. I refused as I wasn’t in that mood but still they came too close.

Then, I told them to get lost and got into the car hurriedly. I have no idea if any phone broke at that time,’ she explai

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